Benefits of natural food supplements to know

If health food supplements are supposed to be natural remedies for dietary deficiencies in human beings, all natural health supplements should come from individual food. In the end, fish consume fish food, dogs eat dog food, cats eat cat food, cows eat grass and dung beetles eat dung. That, incidentally is the way it’s always been. Naturally it will be safest for people to supplement their diet with individual natural food supplements. Think about the general benefits – weight reduction, no obesity, natural remedies, healthy lifestyle, and weight management. Carrots and whole grains are natural and healthy for individuals which have been proven. The solution is not complex really. There is not any other market for this type of crap, so, as nobody else wants it, it is cheap and plentiful.

As an example, let us take dunalliela saline that used as a carotenoid; it develops in stagnant polluted water which no living animal eats. Its use in food supplements is based not on nutrition but on profit margins and hype-marketing. What scientists do not know are the long-term damaging effects of those non-toxic foods. Natural Foods and food supplements are powerful advertising expressions. And the vast majority of marketers do not have any difficulties with concocting tales, stretching the facts and misusing these words to advertise their unnatural products especially if it increases their profit margin. If you want cong bo vat lieu bao goi thuc pham which go far beyond normal, you ought to think about entire food as well as organic foods. These organic food supplements utilize traditional fruits, veggies and whole grains as their source of ingredients. They are guaranteed to be free of toxins and have been demonstrated to work. Thousands and thousands of satisfied individuals in dozens of countries around the globe have been using natural supplements for more than 50 years to feel and look their best – obviously.

They encourage access to key nutrients that prevent disease. Thus they remove the people of diseased, malnourished clients. They make artificial food supplements more costly, putting their buy from reach of more customers. With the reduction of vitamin sales, plenty of artificial health retailers will be forced out of business. This is great for your health industry at large. The fewer health stores, the less competition there is for prescription drugs. They set the stage for the future banning of food supplements which prevent illness such as blueberries, garlic and broccoli. They allow for the arrest and incrimination of important proponents of lousy health (drug manufacturers, retailers and customers), eliminating them from the public point so that they no longer have a voice.